Sealing an Area

Sealing is an important concept when it comes to building a space base. In order to use machines like the Oxygen Sealer, Space Heater, Cooling Unit, or Ion Disperser the area they are placed needs to be sealed.

What is Sealing?

Sealing, in terms of Galactifun, means having the area around a seal generating machine completed enclosed with supporting blocks. Sealing starts at the seal generating machine and expands outwards using a flood fill mechanic. If you place an Oxygen Sealer in a corner of a room for example, it will start at the Oxygen Sealer and work its way out to the edges of the room. If the room is properly sealed, your machine will say Operational. If not, it will say Area Not Sealed or Too Big.

What About Range?

The Machines mentioned above all have a range. Most of the more basic ones will seal 1000 volumetric blocks. This means you can have an area of any size as long as the total volume is 1000 blocks or less. For example, a 10x10x10 room would be 1000 blocks. Once you pass the specific range of the machine, you will receive the status Area Not Sealed or Too Big and the machine will not work.

How can you extend range?

If you have NOT visited Venus, the simplest way to increase the range of your sealable area is too add more than one of your specific seal generating machine. For example, you can place multiple Oxygen Sealers in a space and their ranges will stack. It is important to note that you shouldn't put the machines side by side, but space them out. I recommend a 50% overlap. This ensures the full area is sufficiently covered via the flood fill mechanic.

If you HAVE visited Venus, you will be able to gather the necessary materials for a Super Fan. A Super Fan will extend the range of a seal generating machine by 15%, and this is stackable. So rather than placing multiple machines you could use Super Fans instead. In the case of an Oxygen Sealer, each Super Fan will add 150 blocks, or 15% of the 1000 range.

Supported Sealing Blocks

The below blocks are the only blocks that will work when it comes to sealing. If you use something else, your machine will give you Area Not Sealed or Too Big. The list of supported blocks is not huge. You can still use other non supported blocks to create buildings on different planets, you just have to have one layer of supporting sealing blocks.

The known supported blocks are:

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