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Obviously rockets need fuel...but how much?

Types of Fuels

Galactifun includes a few different types of fuels with varying efficiencies. You'll need to make use of most of these fuels in order to visit all the planets and moons.

Bucket of Fuel

The bucket of fuel is the base fuel in the game. You'll use this fuel with your first rocket. It's a very slow process, but is a required process.


To create a Bucket of Fuel, you will need to use an Oil Pump to extract oil from a chunk. The Oil Pump will give you Buckets of Oil, which you then input into a Refinery. The Refinery will turn the Buckets of Oil into Buckets of Fuel which you can input into the launchpad.


Each Bucket of Fuel will yield 2 million km (2,000,000 km).

Ammonia Gas Canister

Ammonia is a great fuel to use because it offers 4x efficiency over a normal bucket of fuel. However, you will need to visit Mars and Venus to build the various machines required.


You'll need an Atmospheric Harvester, Electrolyzer, and Chemical Reactor to create this fuel. The process is as follows:

You'll place an Atmospheric Harvester and collect the Nitrogen Canisters, and the Water Canisters.

The Water Canisters are input into the Electrolyzer, which splits it into a Hydrogen Canister, and an Oxygen Canister.

The Nitrogen and Hydrogen Canisters are input into the Chemical Reactor, which will output the Ammonia Gas Canister. This can be loaded into the rocket.


Each Ammonia Gas Canister will yield 8 million km (8,000,000 km).


Methane Gas Canister



Each Ammonia Gas Canister will yield 12 million km (12,000,000 km).


Rocket Capacity

Here's a breakdown for the max distance for each rocket type:

  • Rocket Tier I:  20 million km (20,000,000 km) | 10 fuel
  • Rocket Tier II: 200 million km (200,000,000 km) | 100 fuel
  • Rocket Tier III: 1 billion km (1,000,000,000 km) | 500 fuel
  • Ion Rocket: Max theoretical of 36 billion km (36,000,000,000 km) | 500 fuel
    • The Ion Rocket offers 6x efficiency due to its Ion Engines. This efficiency stacks with the added efficiency of Ammonia and Methane Gas canisters. Methane Gas with the Ion rocket is the most efficient way to travel. For example, you'll be able to reach closer planets like Venus and Mars with only one fuel if they are close enough. See Planetary Movement and Distances