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Our Slimefun Server

It's crazy, but we run a server that utilizes Slimefun, which is how we've learned so much about slimefun

Our server can be access at

It does require going through an automatic whitelist process in our discord server, which is found at

That server is also where reports of issues with the minecraft server can also be made

Slimefun Addons

Our server currently (at time of writing) runs Slimefun4 along with these addons:

  • ChestTerminal
  • ColoredEnderChests
  • DyedBackpacks
  • EMCTech
  • ExtraGear
  • FluffyMachines
  • FNAmplifications
  • FoxyMachines
  • Galactifun
  • HotbarPets
  • InfinityExpansion
  • MobCapturer
  • Networks
  • PotionExpansion
  • PrivateStorage
  • SFCalc
  • SimpleMaterialGenerators
  • SimpleStorage
  • SlimeCustomizer
  • SlimeHUD
  • SlimeTinker
  • SlimyTreeTaps
  • SoulJars

Additional Plugins

Along with Slimefun, here are some of our additional plugins we run for added functionality


We run the Vivecraft plugin so that users playing in VR and those playing from desktop mode with Vivecraft installed will be able to properly see VR player's movements

Simple Voice Chat

A built in proximity and group voice chat for minecraft. Primarily makes it easier for VR players to community as typing in VR is not great

GeyserMC + Floodgate

Connect from a bedrock client to play from anything, anywhere, anytime!


Makes it easier to do mass environmental damage to gather logs, or to quickly mine a vein of ore

ViaVersion + ViaBackwards

Be able to connect from multiple different client versions


Double doors work together, right click to automatically collect harvest and replant, improved night skip if enough people sleep.


Use the server domain in a browser to view a map of multiple worlds


Automatically switch to the best tool in your hotbar for the block you are destroying, refill your hand automatically with the same block from your inventory


Sort chests with a right click, or have them set to automatically sort


Be able to quickly unload your inventory into chests near you