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1. About This Wiki

This Wiki is created, managed, and maintained by a few passionate Minecraft players. We are huge fans of Slimefun and it's add-ons. They improve and expand the Minecraft SMP experience greatly, creating an experience similar to old modpacks we played years ago while keeping the bar to entry low by running entirely on the server side.

We found that a lot of the add-ons to Slimefun do not have a huge library of accurate documentation and can be confusing to use. We hope to change that and be a comprehensive resource that everyone can benefit from. Along with that, we also noticed that the documentation for slimefun and additional addons were scattered across various github repositories, wiki sites and google drive folders. So, we wanted to help collect that info into one centralized location and add additional details we discovered while playing.

We are not affiliated with Slimefun4 or its add-ons. You can visit the official Slimefun Github repository here: