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Circuit Press


Circuits are a common component that is used to craft various machines other items in Galactifun such as rockets. The circuit press can produce glowstone, lapis, diamond, and redstone circuits.

This machine is crafted in an Enhanced Crafting Table.



2023-01-29 16_06_42-Vivecraft 1.19.3 jrbudda-NONVR-fabric-0.0.13_ (version hidden from driver) - Mul.png

x2 Piston

x2 Aluminum Composite Sheet

x4 Heating Coil


The Circuit Press runs on electricity and uses 256 J/s. To use it, enter both circuit ingredients in the left UI slots(highlighted in red  below).


The machine will then craft circuits. Circuits are comprised of silicon and the respective item block(redstone block, glowstone, diamond block, lapis block).