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Oxygen Sealer

If you want to breath in a planetary base without a suit, you'll need this.


The oxygen sealer will fill a sealed area with oxygen. This is needed on planets without a breathable atmosphere such as the Moon and Mars. Using the oxygen sealer will allow you to create a space where you can survive without a spacesuit. Unlike other similar machines, the Oxygen Sealer only has one tier.

This machine is crafted in an Enhanced Crafting Table.


image.pngx1 Fan Blade

x1 Reinforced Channel

x1 Oxygen Regenerator

x6 Aluminum Composite


The Oxygen Sealer works by taking Oxygen Canisters from its inventory and distributing them to the air around it. The Oxygen Sealer has a range of 1000 volumetric blocks meaning it can seal a 10x10x10 area, or any variation as long as it's below 1000 blocks. This machine requires a constant source of electricity to stay functioning, although it is not super power hungry.

The Oxygen Sealer requires a sealed area to function.

The Oxygen Sealer has a small name tag above it which identifies its current status. The following are the status meanings:

Operational: Oxygen Sealer is working. It has power, oxygen canisters, and a sealed area.

Not Enough Power: Oxygen Sealer does not have enough power to be operational.

Area Not Sealed or Too Big: You do not have a fully sealed area with supported blocks, or the space totals more than 1000 volumetric blocks.