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Oxygen Filler

Can't have a proper planetary base without being able to breath.


The Oxygen Filler is very simple. It allows you to add oxygen to your space suit chestplate.

This machine is crafted in an Enhanced Crafting Table.


image.pngx1 Reinforced Channel

x1 Fan Blade

x6 Aluminum Composite


The Oxygen Filler runs on electricity and uses 100 J/s. To use it, place your space suit chestplate in one of the left UI slots. It will take 30 real life minutes to fill your chestplate from 0% to 100%.  There are no upgrades or items to make this process faster, however, you can build multiple space suit chestplates and rotate between them. Use one while the other charges, then swap them out.

Unlike the Oxygen Sealer, you do not need Oxygen Canisters to fill your chestplate. The Oxygen Filler will oxygen from the air around it and fill up the chestplate.